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BAGSBRAND, formerly an online shop, was found by a United States District Court to have been offering for sale replica Chanel handbags as a result of the lawsuit filed against the replica shop operators and owners. By Court Order, the Chanel bag replica shop is to be closed down permanently at this domain. Also within the same Order, the control and ownership of the domain name was transferred to CHANEL. $500,000.00 in damages was to be paid by the former shop owners as well.

About BagsBrand Replica Chanel

BagsBrand was once a wholesale and retail outlet of replica Chanel handbags from China. All of the bags being offered for sale were fakes and illegal.


The domain,, was once run by replica Chanel sellers. BagsBrand had no authority to produce and sell purses bearing the CHANEL marks and designs. Many laws were being broken. A lawsuit was filed against the outlet for selling the illegal handbags, and will not be returning to the online outlet marketplace by Federal Decision of the Court of Law.

Since the Court Decision, BagsBrand not be offering for sale cheap discount replica bags, wallets, clutch bags, or tote bags. Fake Chanel is not welcome here.

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