CHANEL Quilted Blue Handbag With CC Charm


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BAGSBRAND, formerly an online shop, was found by a United States District Court to have been offering for sale replica Chanel handbags as a result of the lawsuit filed against the replica shop operators and owners. By Court Order, the Chanel bag replica shop is to be closed down permanently at this domain. Also within the same Order, the control and ownership of the domain name was transferred to CHANEL. $500,000.00 in damages was to be paid by the former shop owners as well.

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The former online replica shop, BagsBrand, offered fakes for sale. Ignoring laws, BagsBrand unscrupulously offered many collections of replica Chanel bags, including the 2008 Collection, the Chanel Handbags, the Chanel Cambon, the Chanel Coco, and the Chanel Flap Collections.

Replica Chanel handbags are imitations of the original bag boldly being sold by shops online. Sometimes they are labeled with ratings of quality such as AAA or AAAAA designer, but it by no means will help consumers to determine the actual level of quality. If you notice these rating schemes on an online shop, the store is likely to be selling fake and counterfeit goods.

Replica handbag shops online often claim that their fake Chanel products are of high quality and are affordable at a low cost. The low cost may be affordable, but the quality of is another story. A bag produced for a few dollars and sold for $200.00 will probably be of very poor quality. It would be correct to conclude that paying hundreds would actually be too much for something that in reality has nothing to do with CHANEL.

If you really want high quality without paying too much for substandard and illegal bags, avoid online replica shops.