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BAGSBRAND, formerly an online shop, was found by a United States District Court to have been offering for sale replica Chanel handbags as a result of the lawsuit filed against the replica shop operators and owners. By Court Order, the Chanel bag replica shop is to be closed down permanently at this domain. Also within the same Order, the control and ownership of the domain name was transferred to CHANEL. $500,000.00 in damages was to be paid by the former shop owners as well.

What About Replica Chanel Online Shopping?

Replica Chanel wholesale and retail online shops often offer deep discounts on fake Chanel purses, handbags, wallets and sunglasses. Consumers must be aware that Chanel replicas are not produced in association with CHANEL. To buy a replica Chanel wallet is to buy a non-Chanel product, produced illicitly by networks of replicators and counterfeiters.

Whenever you see an online replica dealer using the CHANEL name in their domain names and URLs, use the CHANEL logo on their website pages, or places the name and logos onto a replica product, registered intellectual property belonging to CHANEL is being used without permission. CHANEL CC Clutch Purse Red Replica dealers often take the registered property from the creator and owner of the work with no authorization, likely with the intent to dishonestly portray an association with CHANEL. Consumers may become misled, confused and even convinced that they are purchasing a CHANEL related product. All consumers should be aware that all online replica Chanel dealers have absolutely no relationship with CHANEL. CHANEL does not support or back replica products. CHANEL does not authorize outlets, warehouse sales, factory discounts, or other online sales of replicas. Only the authentic bag can provide what is anticipated from a true Chanel.

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The best way to protect yourself from buying a low quality knockoff is to refuse to deal with online replica Chanel shops and only shop at authorized retailers selling genuine CHANEL products. For a list of authorized retailers and to see the latest CHANEL styles, please visit

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