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BAGSBRAND, formerly an online shop, was found by a United States District Court to have been offering for sale replica Chanel handbags as a result of the lawsuit filed against the replica shop operators and owners. By Court Order, the Chanel bag replica shop is to be closed down permanently at this domain. Also within the same Order, the control and ownership of the domain name was transferred to CHANEL. $500,000.00 in damages was to be paid by the former shop owners as well.

Replica Chanel FAQ

Why have people complained that their Chanel replica bag was not received?

As the website of the former replica shop, BagsBrand, acknowledged, most fake Chanel bags are made in China. That means that they usually must be shipped from overseas. Since United States Customs rules include never to allow illegal products to enter the country, procedures include seizing them at the border. Chanel replicas are among these illegal products and replica traffickers refuse to and do not adhere to laws and regulations. Replica traffickers attempt tactics to get around Customs just as drug traffickers do. Most foreign replica sellers attempt to mail replicas to the buyer, but getting there is iffy at best.

On of the reasons is that many replica bag discount stores take in the money received from an order, without any intention to send any product.

Another reason replica bags often do not get to the purchaser is that knockoffs always send up red flags at Customs, are held for inspection and clearance, never released from being detained, and then not received by the buyer.

Why hesitate to purchase a fake bag?

To hesitate is a good thing, and there are actually too many reasons to name. Here are a few. First, the quality will not equal that of a real one. Second, the money given to an online replica shop will likely be used to fund other crimes such as terrorism, drug trafficking, and identity theft. Another reason is that it is always a gamble when you are never sure about who you are dealing with and what you are getting. that is, if it ever arrives.

The issues associated with a replica purse is enough reason to avoid replicas altogether. To find satisfaction and value, it is vital to stay with the authentic.